Boots ASOS // Jacket ZARA // Backpack (random store, Madeira)
It makes me very proud that most of my latest buys have been quite essentials additions to my wardrobe. I guess it was about time to come around following my own advice about investing in basics. So here I am owning a new leather jacket, a pair of boots, two white blouses and a pair of black ballerinas (last two not on the photo). But I couldn't quite pass the latest bag trend, especially after seeing Cara's collaboration with Mulberry. Not being sure how much wear I will actually get out of a backpack, this one selling for 9 euros (no kidding) seems like the best option to go for. Basics on one side and a trendy piece on the other seems like a good balance doesn't it? I think I deserve a high five for this haul.


»Some call it vandalism but I prefer to describe graffiti as a beautiful crime.« A.S.


Rainy summer days are made for watching romantic comedies, listening jazz, pinning latest fashion finds and making mood boards - in black&white of course.


A few years ago while enjoying my Roman holidays which included an Italian language course, a lot of ice creams and even more “window” shopping,  I stumbled across this pearl necklace at H&M. I was totally in love but to be honest I was standing alone there, because every time I wore it I got some weird comments from my friends.  So after a while I totally forgot about it and  when Chanel brought back the big pearls and Zara didn’t wait too long to follow and when I saw Adia Kibur’s pearl ropenecklace online, I remembered about this amazing find, I have been storing all this years, because I knew someday I will wear it again. I was very happy I didn’t give it away in one of my impulse “I will get rid of everything I don’t wear” moments. I think it is a great modern twist on traditional pearl necklace and even though it may not appeal to everyone, I wonder if Coco would give it a thumbs up.


The printed dress

Dress H&M // Jacket MANGO // Shoes ZARA

When it comes to prints this season the only rule one needs to follow is to 
stand out. The jungle print is soo »in«, that it's soon going to be out… but until then this H&M dress is the perfect example of a good statement piece that will keep you right on trend. If the dress could talk, its words would be something like:  “Buy me and I promise to make you look fabulous, trendy, fierce, sexy and one oh so special. But then again who says the dress doesn’t speak, I think not only it speaks but in this case it screams, and it screams rather loudly. 

Dress H&M // Sneakers VANS // Denim blouse SHEINSIDE